Quality is essential when it comes to the products you offer your customers. Whether you are a food manufacturer, meat curer, wholesaler or supermarket in France or abroad, or you are looking for fresh meat for your meat counter, or frozen raw materials for your ready meals or for export, we can supply you with the products you require.

Eurovia meats

Meat bearing the Guaranteed French Origin label ensures quality and safety and also meets the growing expectations of your consumers. We opt for local suppliers (primarily to offer you French Origin beef).
As a merchant for numerous supermarket chains, we are particularly committed to providing you with meats of French Origin on a daily basis while complying with the various hygiene and traceability regulations.

Eurovia meats

Our beef and pork meats come from carefully selected French and European suppliers and are perfect for your ready meals. As specialists in French Origin beef meat, we also work with partners who are committed to a quality approach to supply you with the best possible raw materials.

And because the demand for quality meat knows no borders, the Eurovia Meats sales team features international trade experts. We are responsive, efficient and fully focused on customer satisfaction, and export to all corners of the globe to meet the growing requirements of other countries, such as China, Cambodia and Africa.